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2023 NFL Draft – List of Expected Picks by Teams for the 1st Round

The NFL Draft can be a bittersweet experience for athletes. Many players are drafted but many others do not. They miss out on their dreams. Each team can select one player per round. The teams can move up the draft board by exchanging multiple picks, or even a player.

This year’s talent pool is huge and the draft order has been set. According to the NFL’s scouts, the players’ performance and the buzz, the draft order is set.

NFL Mock Draft 2020 (Top 10).

1. Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are all-in this year. The Panthers have given up quite a lot to secure the first overall pick in the draft this year. They traded it with the Bears for two first-round selections, a second-round selection in the current draft and subsequently in 2025 along with wideout DJ Moore.

Carolina desperately needs a quarterback. In the last decade, Carolina has had multiple quarterbacks. Without stability at this position, it’s hard for any team thrive. C.J. Stroud will likely be the Panthers’ first choice in the draft, and they should take him. Stroud is a good QB but Bryce Young has better situational awareness. He has also shown he can be an option in critical moments. C.J. Stroud, Carolina Panthers, at No. 1.

2. Houston Texans

The Texans have entered a rebuilding mode. After trading Deshaun Hopkins and Deshaun watson , the team has had a hard time getting back on track. Bryce Young is the perfect candidate for Houston. He’s a young quarterback with a lot of talent. His football IQ and accuracy are off the charts. Bryce Young has demonstrated exceptional ball placement and drafting Bryce will be the first thing the Texans need to do to improve their franchise. Bryce Young, Houston Texans, at number 2.

3. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals don’t need a quarterback. The team has a pretty good offensive lineup. The defense could use some improvements. Arizona, after the retirement of JJ Watt could use an outside linebacker to provide a strong face. Will Anderson Jr. is the perfect candidate for this position. He has a great deal of agility and speed. His strength will allow him to get past the offensive line. Will Anderson Jr., Arizona Cardinals number 3

4. Indianapolis Colts

In 2022, the Colts had a bad season. The team was not only disappointed with the acquisition of Matt Ryan, but also had to play the second half of the year under an interim head coach. The QB room needs a fresh face with Shane Steichen taking over as Head Coach. Anthony Richardson will be the perfect candidate. His athletic build is likely to make the Colts draft him. Richardson has the build of a linebacker. He can also run through tackles as a running back. And he is fast like a wideout. He is also a damn good thrower! Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts number 4

5. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s Genosmith is a good quarterback, but the team needs to improve on defense. OL Tyreee Wilson could be the first step in achieving this goal. Tyree Wilson brings an intimidating factor. He is a big guy who, despite being large, moves quickly. Seattle is drafting him because of his combination of speed, strength, and agility. The Seattle Seahawks will draft Tyree at number five.

6. Detroit Lions

Under Dan Campbell, the Lions’ culture has changed dramatically. The team is on the right track and they have a good quarterback in Jared GOOFF, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to find a better QB. Will Levis would be the best option for the team, as he has a great arm and can run. He is also known as an individual who is extremely hardworking and competitive. Will Levis, the Detroit Lions number 6

7. Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders are set up pretty well on offense. Pro Football Networkdescribes Devon Witherspoon as confident, aggressive and physical. He has a striking resemblance with Sauce Garden and all the necessary attributes to succeed in the NFL. Devon Witherspoon, Raiders number 7,

8. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons have a primary need at the QB position. It is unlikely that they will draft a playmaker, unless one of the mentioned QBs happens to be available. Atlanta will likely add Jalen Cart to its defense. The defensive line of the team needs help. Jal Carter, who is coming back from injuries to Grady Jarrett & Ta’Quon Graham can be the key for this defensive line’s improvement.

9. Chicago Bears

The bears must improve their offensive line. Period. The team is set at QB with Justin Fields, who has tremendous talent and potential but has not been able protect him in his pocket. The Bears will likely draft Peter Skoronski from Northwestern. The 33″ arms of Peter Skoronski and his performance as a left tackle last season, where he only gave six pressures in 474 pass blocking snaps, make him a strong candidate to be selected at number nine.

10. Philadelphia Eagles

After all, the Eagles have pretty much covered every position. The defense, however, could be improved. Especially the cornerbacks. Darius Slay and James Bradberry both have good players. However, the former has reached an age where he is no longer able to be a one man show. This void will likely be filled by Christian Gonzalez from Oregon. Gonzalez is a player with it all: speed, strength, vision and great instincts. This man has a high ceiling, and Philly’s culture would be perfect for him. Christian Gonzalez, the Philadelphia Eagles’ number 10 pick.


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