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Brock Lesnar Destroys Cody Rhodes on Raw and Challenges him for a Fight at Night of Champions

In the aftermath of Backlash, Brock Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes through the announcers table. The Beast Incarnate cost The American Nightmare the chance to compete for a new World Heavyweight Championship.

The former WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes, was angry because Cody Rhodes defeated him with a roll-up surprise victory on Saturday. Lesnar took revenge by interrupting Cody’s match in the World Heavyweight Tournament. Lesnar then challenged Rhodes to an ‘fight” at Night of Champions.

Cody Rhodes, The American Nightmare, was in Jacksonville this past Monday Night Raw. He announced the brackets of the tournament which was supposed to begin. The tournament is to determine the World Heavyweight champion at The Night of Champions, in Jeddah. The brackets were as follows: Seth Rollins against Shinsuke Nakamura and Damis Priest, Cody Rhodes against Finn Balor. The Miz.

Seth Rollins won the first match and then went on to beat the winner of the next match, Finn Balor in the main event. Brock Lesnar blindsided Rhodes during the second bout, when he was a dominant player. Lesnar beat Cody Rhodes irrationally and pushed him through the announcers table before issuing a challenge. Cody was challenged by Lesnar to another fight at the Night of Champions in Jeddah.

Cody Rhodes spoke about the attack in the backstage area of the show. He was unsure why Brock Lesnar kept attacking him and stabbing in the back. However, he would fight Brock Lesnar once again and give 100% to defeat Lesnar. The match became official when Lesnar took on Cody Rhodes at The Night of Champions, on May 27th.

Brock Lesnar is even scarier with a head injury.

On Saturday, the former UFC Champion fought a brutal battle against Cody Rhodes at WWE Backlash. Rhodes managed to win the match at one point, even though Lesnar won the match for the most part. Brock Lesnar was blown open when he accidentally crashed his head into an exposed turnbuckle. Lesnar was covered in blood as soon as the wound began bleeding heavily.

Lesnar, covered in blood after a point but refused to give up. Cody Rhodes smashed multiple Cross-Rhodes, before securing a win with a surprise Roll-up. Lesnar attacked Rhodes on Monday Night Raw, and he lost his chance to compete in the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Brock’s scar was huge and stitched together. Lesnar’s scar was so prominent that it was horrifying. Lesnar looked even more intimidating with this kind of injury. The Raw segment left the fans in awe and excited for their next match.


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