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Christian Horner Tells the Reason Why he Ceased Racing in F1 at just 25

Formula 1 isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot, including time, money, talent and dedication. Success in another racing series or junior categories is not a guarantee of success here. It is rare that everything comes together perfectly. You may still be at the back of grid, even if you are a world champion. Christian Horner had to make a decision in his racing career.

He raced with Arden for two years in Formula 3000, which was then the same level as F2, but he didn’t stand out. At 25, he retired from competitive racing and focused on a managerial role at the company. He eventually caught the attention of Red Bull who was acquiring the Jaguar F1 Team. He became team principal in 2005. The rest is, as they say “history”.

Horner revealed why he decided to retire so early. He told the Financial Times: “I quit because I reached Formula 2 but as cars become more powerful, you begin to realize the risks involved.” It can be difficult to separate your head and your heart, but I was not prepared to take on the risks .”

He was stopped by a “self-preservation” instinct

Christian Horner: Elon musk challenged Red Bull in Miami GP

Everyone knows Elon Musk regardless of how they feel about him. After all, he’s the CEO for Twitter, SpaceX and Tesla. He’s also a well-known, but often divisive, internet personality. Tesla is an electric vehicle company, and you’re probably aware of Mr. Musks views on fossil-fueled vehicles. Christian Horner, speaking about Musk’s trip to the Red Bull garage, Miami, said: It was great to see Musk come to a Formula 1 and embrace the combustion engine once again.

He also revealed that Tesla’s CEO wanted them to race with electric vehicles! Horner said: “I believe he was impressed with the technology. Horner added: “I think he was very impressed with the technology.

F1 is working on increasing electrification. This will be made possible by the 2026 regulations that include 100% renewable fuels and up to 3 times more electrical power. When this happens, Mr. Musk may reconsider the series and even consider investing in it. Recently, there have been rumors to the same affect. Jeff Bezos has also been reported to be interested.


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