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Conor McGregor Message to Henry Cejudo After Ripping Olympic Medalist for Loss

The intense Twitter feud between Conor McGregor Henry Cejudo may be over. They have been arguing with each other on Twitter for the past couple of years. Cejudo’s comeback at UFC 288 was the culmination of this. Cejudo snubbed McGregor before and after UFC 288, but it was a new level.

Henry Cejudo has returned to the UFC octagon following a nearly three-year absence from MMA. At UFC 288, the former Olympic gold-medalist battled Aljamain sterling. Cejudo was hoping to win the title that he had never lost. Sterling, however, managed to ruin Henry’s celebration with a split decision victory.

Conor McGregor jumped onto Twitter to mock Cejudo’s performances. Cejudo created videos to analyze and criticize McGregor’s mistakes. McGregor attacked Cejudo for his loss to Sterling. McGregor mocked Cejudo’s advice in a video. McGregor, however, encouraged Cejudo in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Cejudo shared his initial reaction to Conor’s tweet. Cejudo tweeted a video of his post-fight reaction in his locker after losing to Conor’s troll tweet. In the video, he thanked McGregor and wrote Thank you @TheNotoriousMMA.

Conor McGregor-Henry Cejudo Beef

Conor Mcgregor, UFC’s superstar, stepped out of the octagon in 2021 after he suffered a leg injury during Dustin Pourier’s battle. Cejudo used to tweet back and forth with McGregor before he stepped away. Cejudo criticized McGregor for abandoning karate footwork during the second fight against Poirier.

Cejudo posted videos on social media in which he analysed Conor’s past fights, and pointed out his weaknesses, mistakes, and shortcomings. Ali Abdelaziz is the manager of Cejudo. Ali McGregor are not friends, and this hatred dates back to 2018. McGregor has always brought up Abdelaziz’s sketchy past. McGregor-Cejudo Beef was created for a variety of reasons.

Their beef might not be as intense, however, as the Khabib and McGregor rivalry. The Twitter trolls are just making fun of each other in a comical and friendly way. Cejudo took to Twitter once more to mock McGregor’s cardio. He wrote , “The only cardio that @TheNotoriousMMA does these days is run from USADA.”


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