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Conor McGregor Picks Nate Diaz to Fight Jake Paul in Much Anticipated Boxing Debut

The rivalry between UFC stars Conor McGregor Nate Diaz has always been a fun part of the sport. Both fighters continue to call each other out, despite their previous fights. McGregor has supported Diaz in his upcoming fight, which was a surprising turn of events.

Nate Diaz will fight YouTuber Jake Paul during an exhibition match. Fans and critics have been talking about this highly anticipated fight online. Conor McGregor is the long-time opponent of Paul and has a different view.

Conor McGregor, Irish superstar, spoke about the fight in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “To be honest, I like him [Nate Diaz]“, he said, predicting Diaz’s victory. He added, “He is a donkey.” He is a donkey. A donkey can also kick. You just have to be concerned about that.

The ‘Notorious said, “It is competitive but there has always been respect.” Ariel Helwani noted that McGregor and Diaz appear to be respectful of each other’s careers. Fans are eager to see the fight between Diaz and Jake Paul, and who will emerge victorious.

Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz overstepped at press conference

The UFC 202 event was highly anticipated. Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz and other stars were the main event. Diaz won their first fight. As time passed, their rivalry intensified. The press conference for the fight was proof.

Nate Diaz, frustrated by the proceedings of the press conference, left the building. He began a verbal fight with McGregor as he walked out. As Diaz was giving him the middle-finger, The ‘Notorious yelled ” Shut up your f ****** Mouth, you won’t do anything,“. McGregor yelled at Diaz, ” Get out of here,.”

The fighters threw cans and bottles after the verbal exchange. This led to a riot that could have been dangerous for the fans and reporters. The press conference was eventually called off. A Dana White was disappointed and said: “That wraps it up, let’s get them out of here..”

Nate Diaz has always slapped Conor McGregor since their fights. Fans are surprised to see that the Irish star has been supporting the Stockton native during his recent interviews.


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