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Is Brock Lesnar Deaf? What Happened to His Ear?

Brock Lesnar was a mixed martial artist and wrestler. Brock Lesnar has been one of WWE‘s most dominant stars. He has defeated big stars like The Rock and John Cena. Lesnar has always been a brave athlete.

He is able to dominate his opponents regardless of their size or weight. His agility and power help him quickly knock his opponents out of the way. He can throw the most heavyweight wrestlers like Omos with ease, even at 45 years old. Lesnar, who is also a former UFC wrestler, uses martial arts techniques in his matches. Brock was a terrifying character because he had hurt many stars during his career.This video reveals the truth behind Lesnar’s odd ear.

Brock’s right ear looks strange and some fans think he may have a serious illness. It’s actually a deformed right ear. This is a common condition among MMA wrestlers and fighters. The deformed ear that Brock Lesnar has is called cauliflower ears. It only occurs when there’s been trauma to the ear. Brock Lesnar suffered the trauma which caused this deformity, but with time it became worse. Brock Lesnar has many worried fans.

This condition is medically known as auricular hemorrhage. Blood pools under the skin of the external ear, which can sometimes result in a lifelong deformity. Lesnar was an amateur wrestler in college before joining OVW. Lesnar’s injuries happened at that time. The deformity can be removed with an otoplasty, but because it is a “badge” of honor for most fighters, they choose to leave it alone.

How Brock Lesnar keeps his fitness?

Brock remains a role-model for many of his wrestling fans, including those who are brand new to the sport. His muscular physique was always the talk of town. In addition to his NCAA title, he has also won titles in the NFL and WWE. The above achievements show that he must maintain his body with regular, heavy workouts and proper nutrition.

Competing in professional wrestling can be a difficult sport. If you’re big, your speed will be affected. WWE wants you to have both. To wrestle in WWE, and to get to the top spot, wrestlers need to be both flexible and have a large muscular body.

Brock has maintained a great body since his WWE debut, but his body began to gain weight a few year ago, and then he was involved in a car crash. Brock became a farmer boy, eating vegetables, homemade food, and meats from various animals.

He worked harder and, with his new diet, made his body bigger than ever. Lesnar never disclosed the details of his eating habits. He said once that he ate roughly 3,200 calories per day and 300 grams protein while competing in the UFC. Lesnar, throughout his life, has been a hard worker and disciplined.


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