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Javier Tebas Slams Real Madrid for Comparing La Liga to Premier League

Real Madrid and La Liga President Javier Tebas have been at odds for a while now. Javier Tebas and Florentino Perez’s thoughts are not in sync. In an interview conducted Thursday, the president of La Liga poked fun at the whites.

Florentino perez and Javier Tebas got into a dispute after Madrid proposed the European Super League project. Tebas was not the only football fan in Europe who did not like the European Super League.

But despite the opposition of fans and Javier Tebas, Real Madrid and its eternal rival and Serie A giants Juventus have continued to promote the idea ESL. This continued promotion of the European Super League led to an enraged relationship between Real Madrid and Tebas.

Javier Tebas’ actions have always been counterproductive for Real Madrid, and in particular Florentino Perez. In a recent interview, he said the same thing: “I know Florentino very well.” He believes that there are some places in Spain where Real Madrid should not play. He believes this league is weak and generates nothing”, he said.

The President of La Liga also said that Real Madrid “cryed a lot” despite the fact that the big La Liga clubs earned the same as Premier League clubs. He said “Big clubs in Spain make as much money as those in Premier League.” Real Madrid just complains a lot.

Javier Tebas is now in a bind because of a minor dispute between Barcelona & Real Madrid. On the other hand, Juventus are also in limbo in Italian Courts over recent accusations made against them.

What you need to Know about the European Super League, backed by Real Madrid

Many Premier League clubs rejected the idea of a European Super League in April 2021, but it was quickly rejected due to protests. According to Bernd Reichant, CEO of A22 Sports Management the league would start in 2024/25.

The format of ESL differs from that of other leagues. According to reports, European Super League is expected to have 60-80 clubs in a multidivisional structure. According to reports, the introduction of ESL will end UEFA’s dominance. Many fans still reject this idea and the ESL League. Javier Tebas is not open about the new league.

Tebas said: “The Super League represents the wolf who disguises himself today as a granny in order to fool European Football, but his nose and teeth are huge, four divisions across Europe?” The first division for them is, of course, the reform in 2019. Clubs as a government? “Of course, only the biggest clubs.”

Tebas made this statement in response to a viral post on Twitter where Super League appeared as a wolf. European football was shown to be a granny feeding that wolf.


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