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Joe Rogan Revealed that Locker Room Bullying has Shaped his Mixed Martial Arts Career

Joe Rogan is one of the UFC’s most influential and famous people. Due to his podcast and stand-up comedy, the UFC color commentary has achieved a level that is hard to imagine. Rogan continues to commentate for UFC despite his podcasting and comedy gigs being incredibly successful. His love of martial arts and his organisational skills make it possible. In his podcast, Rogan revealed to guest Theo Vonn why he started martial arts.

Joe Rogan began martial arts at an early age. Rogan began karate at 14 years old and then switched to Taekwondo in the next year. Rogan won the US Open Championship Taekwondo Tournament at 19 years old. He also took up kickboxing, but quit at age 21 because of constant headaches and injuries. After watching Royce Gracie, he took up jiu jitsu with Carlson Gracie. Rogan is well-versed in many forms of martial arts. Joe Rogan, however, revealed on his podcast why he began practicing martial arts in the first instance.

Rogan and Theo Vonn discussed mental health, confidence, and dark times in his life. Joe Rogan revealed later that he fought another kid in the changing room. “I do remember him getting in a headlock and throwing me to the ground. He then leant forward as if he were going to punch me, but decided against it. Joe Rogan said, “I didn’t really know what to say ,”. ” Every time I saw that kid, I was like I see him on the other side of school and I thought f**k. I have to go around.” said the UFC colour commentator.

Rogan said that he was feeling helpless and that he needed to take action. The fear of being powerless led him to martial arts. Joe Rogan says that this was the single most important decision he ever made. It changed his life in every way.

Joe Rogan says this is the best martial arts for self-defense.

Joe Rogan began studying martial arts at a young age. He has a wide range of knowledge in martial arts. He taught former UFC middleweight and welterweight champion George Saint Pierre some striking techniques. Lex Fridman who was a guest on ” The Joe Rogan experience” spoke with Rogan about Self-Defense. The color commentator was also asked for his opinion on the best martial art to use as self-defense.

Joe Rogan initially said Jiu Jitsu, but later changed his response to include any type of grappling. Lex Fridman asked him what his opinion was on Krav Maga. Joe Rogan responded that ” It would be surprising for a Jiu Jitsu practitioner not to f**k someone who practices Krav Maga.”. Rogan continued to slam Krav Maga and claimed that it is only effective on people with no fighting experience.

Rogan added that Judo was also a good martial art for self-defense. Joe Rogan said that while grappling is great for self-defense, he also believes some striking will be necessary. Rogan ended his discussion by stating which martial arts people should choose. Rogan said: ” The martial arts which work best on trained martial artists are better than those that work well on untrained individuals. 


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