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Kai Kara-France Shares how Unskilled Judging Cost him $100,000 After Controversial UFC Fight Night

In the flyweight division, Kai Kara France and Amir Albazi fought head-to-head. Albazi won the fight after both fighters had given it their best. The event was viewed by many for the wrong reasons. Amir’s victory was deemed unfair by the majority of UFC supporters. Albazi won the decision because Kara-France could not finish his opponent.

The MMA community was enraged. The fans attacked the judges for making the wrong decision. Kai Kara France shared his thoughts about the controversial decision on Ariel Helwani’s show ‘The MMA Hour.’ The New Zealander fighter shocked the host with a shocking revelation as the interview progressed. The incompetent judges cost him $100,000 that night, according to ‘Don’t Blink.

“I was the only one who set the pace. I was the person who pushed, and I was also the one who made the best shots. He [Amir Albazi] had been gassed and all he was doing was pushing me against the cage. This cost me 100 grand in my career. This cost me my No. 3 ranking in the world. If I had won this fight, I would have been back where I want to be. The best in the World. Kai Kara-France said that you just have to think about what the judges are looking at.

This controversial decision has been one of the most talked about moments in this year. Kara-France was disappointed with the judges for giving him an unwarranted loss at UFC Fight Night.

Kai Kara-France props Amir Albazi despite suffering controversial loss

Amir Albazi’s recent fight with Kai Kara-France was controversial. Albazi won the decision despite Kara-France clearly dominating and winning. The judges’ decision was divisive and outraged the fans. The New Zealander, although disappointed, showed grace in his defeat. The unfair decision loss didn’t seem to bother “Don’t blink”.

In an interview with ESPN MMA, the fighter appeared composed and calm. It’s the judges who are scoring. I felt confident when the announcement was made. Hats off to Amir. I won’t dwell on this. Congratulations to him on his win. This is a great headline for flyweights. I’m not too disappointed with the results. “I just have to go again. That’s all,” said Kai Kara France.

Fans were shocked to see Kai Kara-France remain calm and collected despite the loss. fighters, such as Israel Adesanya were stunned by the decision. The New Zealander fighter praised Albazi’s performance and wished to continue his career as a flyweight.


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