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Kamaru Usman Compose back-to-back Championship Losses and is All Set to Fight Again

Kamaru Usman has discovered his passion for sport after losing to Leon Edwards on consecutive occasions. The Nigerian Nightmare had an extremely busy schedule during his reign as champion. Kamaru Usman had defended his title five times in the two years before he was knocked out. Usman spoke about his return to octagon during his appearance on Mike Tyson Hotboxin.

Kamaru Usman has fought Leon Edwards in the UFC three times. Kamaru Usman showed off his wrestling and grappling abilities in the octagon during their first meeting. He was crowned champion by a unanimous decision after he defeated Tyron woodley. In their second fight, things were more or less the same. Leon Edwards was able to knock out the opponent in the last round with a head-kick to become welterweight champ. Leon Edwards won the third match by unanimous decision. He then defended his title in UFC 286,.

Usman, however, looks ready to get back into action after two consecutive losses. He’s enjoying the learning process and becoming used to being a competitor once again. “I am just at the point where I love the sport, and fall in love with it again. Since I started training, I feel much stronger. I like the process of doing certain things again. It’s like I fell in love with it again. In a couple of months, I may want to go out and beat someone up again. I am starting to really feel it. “But it’s on my terms now,” said Usman.

Fans have begun predicting his next opponent after seeing Kamaru Usman so fired up about his return. Usman only needs to put on a dominant performance for him to be able fight again for the title.

Kamaru Usman suffers from constant knee pain

Kamaru Usman, former UFC welterweight champ, has had a bad knee for quite some time. Usman has stated many times that he must work through his injuries and damaged knee. During the UFC 286 weigh-ins, many MMA fans believed that Usman had a serious problem with his left knee. Joe Rogan revealed on his podcast just how serious the Nigerian Nightmare’s knee problem is.

“Kamaru has destroyed knees. His knees look messed up. He seems to be in constant pain. He is in constant pain. His knees have become so damaged that he has to walk down the stairs in reverse. Rogan said that if you compare the muscles in his legs with the muscles in his upper body there is a huge difference. Rogan also said that Usman’s constant pain was so bad that he has difficulty walking on concrete.

Usman claims that he has had knee problems since his days of intercollegiate wrestling. Kamaru Usman still managed to dominate and look invincible despite his serious injury. Kamaru Usman has now lost to Usman in consecutive matches and is hoping to return within a few months.


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