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Kevin Durant Revealed his Vote for 2023 NBA MVP

Joel Embiid is currently the leading candidate for the NBA MVP award based upon the player poll. Nikola Jokic comes in second and Giannis Antietokounmpo is third. Embiid led the league for the second year in a row with the highest scoring average. He also helped the Philadelphia 76ers win their most regular season wins since 2000-01.

Kevin Durant said that if he were to vote for MVP, he’d give it to Joel Embiid. Durant praised Embiid for his dominant and unstoppable play style and argued he had been performing at a very high level over the last two years. He also emphasized that Embiid’s team was winning basketball matches, which further bolstered his case for the Award.

Kevin Durant was asked in an episode The ETCs By Boardroom about his MVP pick this year. Eddie Gonzalez asked Durant “Who’s your guy?”to Which Durant replied, ” Joel Embiid.” Durant backed his claim and said Embiid is “Flat out unstoppable.” Gonzalez, Durant and Embiid discussed Embiid as their pick for the previous seasons. Durant said that Embiid was a standout because of his dominance. Embiid’s performance at such a high level of dominance proved that he deserved to win the award.

With 54 wins, the Philadelphia 76ers won their most regular-season games since 2000-01. The media vote may be closer than the player’s poll for the MVP of this season. Joel Embiid is a strong candidate for this award. The NBA’s second-year scoring leader, Joel Embiid, averaged 33.1 points per match, and tied his career-high of 4.2 assists per game.

Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers and their goal are closer than ever

The Philadelphia 76ers, led by Embiid, are close to achieving their respective goals. Whether it’s the team aiming to win its first championship since 1983, or Embiid aspiring to be the MVP. This team is in top form and could achieve all of these goals.

Joel Embiid questioned previously the NBA’s criteria to determine which players would be given the MVP award. It happened because Nikola Jokic had been chosen as the MVP in the last few seasons, despite the fact that many believed Embiid deserved it. Embiid, regardless of the outcome this time around, has a lot of support from both fans and players.

The Philadelphia 76ers are 2-0 up in their series with the Brooklyn Nets. The team has a tendency to win this round, then go on a run for the championship. It will be interesting to see how the Sixers’ and Embiid’s future unfolds.


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