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Kurt Angle Says that Dana White Will Not Allow UFC Fighters to Fight in WWE

WWE, after going through a number of buyers, was purchased by Endeavor, the parent company of UFC. After the merger of two companies, many people wondered if UFC fighters would compete in WWE.

After a successful career in the MMA world, UFC fighters such as Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey debuted in WWE. Since then, they have become the top stars in the company and dominate everyone who comes their way. Fans are wondering if any UFC fighters will join WWE now that UFC is under the same company.

Kurt Angle, a WWE legend, shared his opinion on whether UFC fighters will be allowed to join WWE. Kurt Angle stated that the MMA stars must retire from the Octagon before they can jump ship. The Gold Medalist spoke on Kurt Angle Show.

“I’m aware that Dana White has a very strong stance against fighters going into pro-wrestling.. However, I believe the fighters going to retire will [move] to pro-wrestling [in] WWE… Believe they’ll go to pro-wrestling when they finish fighting just like Ronda and Brock Lesnar.”

Endeavor and WWE merged to create a large public trading company valued at $21 billion. Fans of professional wrestling were concerned that the deal would affect WWE in general. Triple H, WWE’s Chief content officer, came out to assure fans that WWE as they know it is not going anywhere. The fans will have to see if Triple H is true to his word, and how the Endeavor-WWE deal will affect pro wrestling.

Why did Vince McMahon rejoin WWE during the UFC merger?

Vince McMahon resigned from his position as chairman of WWE in the last year. According to fans, WWE has thrived since then under Triple H. Under his leadership, The Game brought a lot of talent back and improved the quality of each of WWE’s three shows. Vince McMahon, who was supposed to retire, returned to WWE in January despite the fact that he had retired.

Many fans expressed their disapproval on social media about McMahon returning to power. Vince McMahon assured me that he wouldn’t interfere with the creative aspect of the company. Vince McMahon did make some changes at the last minute to Monday Night RAW following WrestleMania. Ari Emanuel is the simple answer to the question of why Vince McMahon is back in WWE.

The Endeavor CEO has revealed that he persuaded WWE’s boss to rejoin the company after the merger. This was done in order to increase sales. This could be seen as a wise business move by the Endeavor CEO, to stay close to the man who created the empire.


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