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Some of the Most Controversial Moments in the History of WWE

WWE is a pro wrestling company that has existed for more than 60 years. The company has been a source of entertainment and some groundbreaking moments over the years. It has given the world superstars such as Dwayne Johnson The Taker and John Cena. It also provided some incredible moments for fans in terms of storyline.

With all of its groundbreaking and industry-shaping choices, the company also left behind some contentious scars. Check out some of the most controversial events in WWE’s history.

10. The Montreal Screwjob (1997)

Bret Hart has been a wrestler since the dawn of time. His technical finesse is unmatched in the world of pro wrestling. There was a period when he was the World Champion, and his contract was up. The WWE legend wanted to leave and join WCW. Vince McMahon had no choice but to take the title from him.

Bret Hart, however, refused to fall in a match against Shawn Michaels. Shawn locked Bret in the sharpshooter. Vince then called for the bell and the match ended in one of the more controversial finishes. HBK won the match by submission even though Bret hadn’t tapped out.

This happened in Bret’s hometown of Montreal. There was complete chaos in the arena. The Montreal Screwjob was named and has remained on a list of controversy. This moment has been dubbed “The Montreal Screwjob” and remains on the list of controversies.

9. Owen Hart’s Death in 1999

Many superstars have died in their prime over the years. This list includes names like Brodie Lee and Owen Hart as well as the legendary Eddie Guerrero. Owen Hart’s death was tragic, but it occurred on live TV.

This tragic incident occurred at the “Over the Edge” PPV, in 1999. Owen Hart attempted to make an entrance from the rafters using a grapple line and harness, but the line broke and he died. It may be one of the most tragic moments in WWE history.

8. The Kliq, 1997

WWE has had many factions form out of the blue over the years. “The Kliq” was one of these factions. In the year 1995, a group consisting of Shawn Michaels Double H Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall became very close friends. The Kliq were known by this name. They also had a great deal of influence in the WWE backstage. They had to keep the friendship secret because their characters on screen were in different relationships.

The four wrestlers, however, shared an emotional moment on the stage of a Madison Square Garden live event in May 1996. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash hugged each other on their last night together before they parted ways. The two stars were departing for a rival company. The segment, however, broke the illusion that fans had about the characters they saw on screen, and left the WWE officials agitated.

7. Victory over God, 2006

WWE is known for its bizarre moments. Vince McMahon’s booking of a match between Shawn Michaels, God and himself was one such moment. McMahon displayed a great deal of confidence by booking himself and his son against Shawn Michaels. Backlash 2006 was essentially a two-on-one match.

The storyline was outrageous and caused a lot of controversy. Some people thought it was tasteless and tone deaf. Not everyone was in agreement with this bold move. However, it showed Vince’s willingness to take risks and his fearless attitude.

6. Punk’s PipeBomb, 2011

CM punk’s ‘Pipebomb’ speech is a momentous occasion in the history of wrestling. He gave a brutal critique of the company’s management. The authenticity of the speech and its resonance with fans frustrated by the state the industry was in made it so iconic.

It was not clear at the time whether Punk was acting erratically or if the storyline was planned. The uncertainty added to the controversy. was revealed as a “worked shot” but the issues Punk raised still hold true today. His words continue to have an impact on the wrestling community.

5. The End of the Streak 2014

Brock Lesnar’s pinning the Undertaker during WrestleMania 30, was one of WWE’s most historic moments. The images will always be etched in the memory of WWE fans as a source of shock and disbelief. It was a shocking end to the legendary 21-0 streak. There were many rumors about whether the final result was a mistake.

There was speculation about the match being altered on the spot, considering that Undertaker had suffered a concussion. All speculation was put to rest when Vince McMahon confirmed it was his decision. Many still question why the streak ended, given how important it was.

4. Katie Vick’s Funeral, 2002

In 2002, WWE had a storyline where Triple H revealed a shameful truth about Kane’s history. The storyline involved a drunken car accident in which his girlfriend from high school, Katie Vick, was killed. Triple H had promised to show the most graphic, salacious and sexy video footage. He delivered. The disturbing reenactment of Katie’s funeral, featuring a cheerleader mannequin buried in a coffin.

Triple H performed a seven-minute s*x act on the mannequin. He produced raw meat, implying that he had “screwed out her brains.” The storyline was an odd and disturbing departure from WWE’s usual supernatural or fantasy characters.

3. Muhammad Hasan and the Undertaker (2004)

WWE introduced a new character in 2004 called Muhammad Hassan. A wrestler from the Arab-American community complained that he was stereotyped as being a terrorist. WWE, however, portrayed him in a negative light and used terrorist imagery to tell his story. Hassan, his manager and the Undertaker were feuding in July 2005. During a match, Hassan used a submission to hold the Undertaker while five men wearing ski masks, desert camo and garotte wire choked him.

This episode of SmackDown, which was recorded on July 4, was aired July 7, the day after a terrorist attack that left 52 people dead in London. WWE was under pressure and backlash from their network for removing the character. Hassan’s WWE career ended in an 8-minute match a few months later.

2. The Undertaker hangs Bossman in 1999

During a 1999 match between The Undertaker & Big Boss Man, The Undertaker hung Boss Man with a noose from the top of a ‘Hell in a Cell cage’. The camera focused on Boss Man, whose face turned blue as he gasped. The shocking scene caused shock and horror among the audience, commentators and WWE fans. This incident will be remembered as being one of the most unsettling and controversial moments in WWE’s history.

1. DX Blackfaces (1998)

In 1998, D-Generation X, a wrestling group dominated by black wrestlers, dressed as the Nation. In 1998, D-Generation X dressed up as their opponents, the Nation, which consisted mainly of black wrestlers.

The skit, although it was received positively by the audience at the time of its release, has been deemed offensive and not aged well. Despite its offensive nature, the skit has been used in some WWE releases, as a highlight for comedy, although X-Pac regrets it.


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