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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Ticket Prices Faces Huge Decline After Retirement of Star QB

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will have a less exciting 2023 NFL season. In the last three years, they have been on a roller coaster. The team went from one of the lowest teams in the NFL with Jameis Winslow who threw more touchdowns than interceptions, to seeing their fortunes change when Tom Brady shocked the league by leaving the Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl the first year Tom Brady served as their quarterback. The team’s fan base grew dramatically as a result. The Bucs hadn’t been so relevant in years, and the team became one of the top teams in the NFL overnight.

The Tampa Bay Bucs increased ticket prices to match the increase in fan numbers. Darren Rovell stated that in 2022 the Bucs had the fifth-most expensive ticket in the league, with an average ticket price of $359 per person. The team is in a bad position again now that Tom Brady officially retired. The team’s matches this year have not been as exciting or interesting to the fans.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now the third-cheapest tickets in the entire NFL

The season ticket holders that took advantage of the resale markets in previous seasons may have made the right decision, because from this year onwards there will be little or no demand for tickets to the team’s matches. The ticket prices are determined by the NFL team, and whether or not they will make the Super Bowl. The ticket prices will be higher if a team has many Pro Bowlers and entertainers, as well as show-stoppers.

Tampa Bay has seen that over the last 3 years, and in this season as well, they have Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and a decent defensive unit, but the team’s center of attraction is gone, Tom Brady. Bucs quarterback situation is a bit complicated. The Bucs got Baker Mayfield, but he won’t attract as many fans like Tom Brady. This shows that the GOAT Effect is real, and how an NFL team will struggle without big names.

The Bucs ticket prices are down significantly due to the new team and Tom Brady’s retirement. The average price of a Bucs’ game is $179. This season, Tom Brady’s old team, the New England Patriots, has won the ticket war in the NFL. This team’s opening-day tickets are the most expensive this season. The team is honoring TB12’s achievements. The average ticket costs $1,022 to see the Pats play their first game.


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