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The Most Dramatic Moments from Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Azerbaijan GP is a source of great entertainment since its debut in 2016. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been a great source of entertainment since its inception in 2016. Azerbaijan Grand Prix never fails to provide drama and excitement. Baku is a motorsport fan’s favorite and must-watch event.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix, originally called the European Grand Prix at its debut season but renamed in 2017 was the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The circuit is 6.003 kilometers (3.730 miles) long and features sharp turns, a long straight at high speedt. The track starts at the beach of the Caspian, and the start/finish line runs parallel to it. Relive the most dramatic moments of Baku’s brief but illustrious past.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix has produced five dramatic moments.

5. Safety car fiasco of 2017 for Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel (left) and Lewis Hamilton (right) bang the wheels during the 2017 Baku race.

The 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix started off with a bang, and the race continued to be exciting until Daniil kvyat abruptly stopped his car. This prompted the deployment of a safety vehicle. The drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, retreated to the pits. Vettel’s mistake resulted, however, in Hamilton’s car being damaged by both cars. Vettel claimed that Hamilton intentionally braked. However, careful analysis of telemetry data debunked his claim.

Vettel was given a 10-second penalty for dangerous driving for “deliberately” turning into Hamilton. The incident ignited a heated rivalry between both drivers. Hamilton called Vettel a disgrace and challenged him to an outside mano-amano. Vettel apologized to Hamilton in a surprising turn of events. He did so ahead of his final F1 race weekend, which will be held in 2022. The two drivers explained how the incident brought them closer.

4. Daniel Ricciardo’s triple overtake

Daniel Ricciardo’s triple overtake at the 2017 Baku

Baku’s 2017 race is undoubtedly the one that stands out when it comes to the most thrilling and memorable moments. This was one of 2017’s most exciting races, and it was filled with many unforgettable moments. Daniel Ricciardo was one of the most memorable moments.

Ricciardo’s unique combination of skill and tenacity was on display despite starting in the tenth place. He had brake problems early on when debris got stuck in the ducts. After receiving permission to continue, Honey Badger gave one of his most famous performances.

The race restarted in a rolling fashion when the red flag was raised following a collision between Racing Point teammates. Hamilton was in the lead, with Ricciardo taking sixth. The Australian’s incredible late-braking maneuvers allowed him to overtake three cars in front of him on the first corner alone. Ricciardo was able to move up three positions with this maneuver, and maintained his position through careful driving. He won the race by a landslide, beating Valtteri bottas who was just a hair ahead of Lance Stroll at the finish.

3. Max Verstappen falls from the top in 2021

Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo crash

The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a thrilling spectacle. Max Verstappen dominated the race up until the last five laps. Verstappen overtook pole-sitter Charles Leclerc, and he held the lead for almost the entire race. His left rear tire failed and he crashed out of the race. The Dutchman’s decision to retire was a crucial moment for the season. He was leading the championship after a fierce battle with Lewis Hamilton, and was close to securing his first victory in Baku.

Verstappen admitted that the race may have been a turning point in the loss of Red Bull’s constructors title. Lance Stroll, an Aston Martin driver, also crashed earlier in the race. Pirelli’s official tire supplier was under intense scrutiny after a series of tire failures involving multiple cars. The unfortunate events led to a surprise victory for Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez. Sebastian Vettel, of Aston Martin, took second place.

2. Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo collide with each other

Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo crash in 2018 Baku

The 2018 Azerbaijan GP race was a thrilling and exciting event. Valtteri bottas was forced to retire from the race due to a puncture. This gave the lead to Lewis Hamilton, a Mercedes teammate. The most memorable moment of the race was when the Red Bull teammates collided in the final stages.

The two drivers had been battling it out for positions all throughout the race. Their collision occurred on lap 40. Ricciardo tried to pass Verstappen inside at the turn one but Verstappen defended his position and the incident ensued. Both drivers retired after the collision, which also caused tension in their relationship. After the race, Ricciardo expressed his displeasure with Verstappen and Verstappen apologized. The accident had a far-reaching impact on the Red Bull team. It cost them valuable points, and led to Ricciardo moving to Renault the following year.

Honorable Mention

Fernando Alonso’s double puncture

Fernando Alonso’s McLaren suffered a double puncture in 2018, Baku

At the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Fernando Alonso was behind the wheel of a McLaren that had a poor performance. He qualified in the 13th position for the race. Alonso was on track to follow the plan, until Williams’ Lance Stroll obstructed his path during the first lap. This caused a puncture in the rear right tire. Alonso was involved in a commotion and veered to the right, colliding with a Renault. This caused Alonso’s car to be badly damaged and punctured the right front tire.

Alonso, unfazed, skillfully maneuvered the ailing car back to the pits. The underfloor rubbed against the rough asphalt. The Spaniard was able to tackle the job with enthusiasm despite losing 25-30 points in downforce, which is a big blow for a car that’s already struggling. He replaced his worn-out tires with brand new ones, and then returned to the race to try to regain lost ground. Alonso commanded his driving skills from the last position, cutting through the pack with grace and accuracy. Alonso’s outstanding performance resulted in an eighth-place finish.

1. Lewis Hamilton’s magic key locks up

Lewis Hamilton enters turn 1 for the start of the Azerbaijan GP 2021.

The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton was one of the most painful moments in his racing career. Max Verstappen was involved in an unexpected tire blowout accident that caused the race to be stopped. Hamilton was in second position after the restart, behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. He was able to take the lead at the start, but he made a steering-wheel error when he turned on his magic button. This caused him to lock up his front tires and go straight in turn one. Hamilton accidentally activated the button, which shifts the balance of brakes in the car. Hamilton’s hopes of winning the race were dashed by this costly mistake. He was left without any points in the season for the first. The dramatic race ended in a surreal way.

Hamilton expressed his regret for the mistake after the race. This mistake had significant consequences, as it allowed Verstappen and Sergio Perez to maintain their championship lead. This was the most dramatic part of the Baku race, because it cost Lewis Hamilton valuable points which could have helped him secure his eighth world title.


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