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Tiger Woods Shocking Details on LIV Golf with Talor Gooch at Augusta Masters

Talor gooch has just made his mark in the golfing community by winning back-to-back LIV Golf events in Australia and Singapore. As new details emerged it appears that Talor Gooch and Tiger Woods had a private discussion regarding the rebel circuit at the Augusta Masters.

Woods has been a vocal critic of the Saudi-funded LIV Golf League, and he has attacked the existence of the circuit several times. Talor Gooch’s revelations about his conversation with Tiger shed more light on what the 15-time Major champion thinks of LIV golf in general.

Gooch told J.J. Kileen, John Peterson and the Fore the People Podcast how he and Tiger Woods had a conversation in the Augusta National Golf Club at this year’s Masters. He said, “One morning, Tiger was next to me while I was warming-up at Augusta. “Man, you are with Bubba’s team now right?” I said, “Yeah.” He then asked, “You all going to Adelaide right? I replied, yes. He went, Man, they have some great golf in Adelaide .”

Tiger seems to be keeping a close eye on the competition, and the league he used to hate so much.

Talor Gooch revealed that Tiger Woods closely monitors LIV Golf.

Talor gooch has been on a winning streak, having won two consecutive LIV events at Adelaide and Singapore. Tiger Woods gave Gooch some great advice at the Masters. Gooch revealed that Woods believes LIV to be an “endless pit of cash.”

Tiger also adds that Gooch “They have probably spent close to $2 billion in this year.” Who says they won’t spend another $4 or $5 billion in the next year? We don’t really know. Money is a never-ending pit. But it doesn’t create a legacy either .”

Tiger shared a story about his experience in Singapore where he went to a casino and met the owner of Disney Asia. Gooch said that the person had taught Tiger how to play baccarat. Tiger says, “We went over there and this guy started out playing million dollar hands. “I quickly learned that being rich is not the same as being rich rich .’.”

Talor Gooch has learned a lot from Tiger about the wealth that comes from golfing and having a good income. LIV Golf spent a great deal to sign players under contract. The current LIV golfers are enjoying a lifetime of wealth at the new circuit.

Gooch reveals, that unlike most fans, Tiger kept up to date with the latest happenings at LIV Golf. He said, “I’m sure that if you asked 95% of golfers the week after the Masters, where the LIV Tour was heading the next two consecutive weeks, they wouldn’t have known Australia and Singapore.” Tiger is paying attention .”

Greg Norman was determined to bring in some of the biggest names in golf for his new circuit. LIV could have scoured Phil Mickelson to find $200 million but it’s rumored Tiger Woods received a $700 million contract. Woods, however, rejected the offer and stayed loyal to PGA Tour.


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