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Top 5 Wrestlers with the Most Losses in the History of WWE

It’s part of the game to win and lose, but there are WWE stars who have lost so many matches that they set a record. These records are a measure of the success a wrestler has in the wrestling industry. Winning brings more fame and love than losing.

Losing a match does not define a wrestler as they need to follow the script the majority of the time. Take a look at the top stars who have lost most of their matches in their career.

#5 Randy Orton (1017 losses & counting)

It’s surprising that Randy Orton, Apex Predator is on this list. But it’s true. Orton played more of a heel than a face in the company, which is why he lost the majority of his matches. In his 20 year career, the viper has fought 1349 matches and counting. He joined many big factions such as Evolution and RK-bro, but he wasn’t able win every match. Randy Orton lost 1017 matches in his career.

# 4 Dolph Ziggler (1104 defeats and counting)

Dolph Ziggler, an American professional wrestler and stand-up comic at the same time. The Showoff Dolph Ziggler wrestled 1379 matches, out of which 1104 were lost. He is one of the most talented wrestlers and has faced many wrestlers throughout his career. He also holds the record of being the second most frequent Royal Rumble competitor, after Kane.

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#3 Brooklyn Brawler (1169 losses)

Brooklyn Brawler, an American professional wrestler and road agent. Steve Lombardi began his career as a heel-enhancing talent in the WWF in late 1983. In October 1983, he made his TV debut and lost to The Iron Sheik. He was carried away on a stretcher. Lombardi has faced several wrestlers in house shows and on TV, such as Ivan Koloff or Sgt. Slaughter.

In 1984, he won his first matches with Terry Daniels and Jerry Valiant but lost to the rest of the WWF roster. In his career, he has lost almost 1169 matches. Lombardi won his first pinfall in June 1984, against Mad Dog Vachon. He also had a brief encounter with Hulk Hogan.

# 2 The Miz (1182 Losses and Counting)

The Miz, a wrestling star, actor and TV personality, hails from the United States. The miz is one of the best-known and most skilled wrestlers of all time. He has had a long and successful career in this organization and won several championships. The Miz’s overall talent and accomplishments are not always reflected in the results of certain matches. Miz is more likely to perform humorous and entertaining WWE segments than win fights. The Miz is 1182 losses in his career.

#1 Kane (1221 losses)

The Big Red Monster wrestled for over two decades, and has entertained fans around the world. The Big Red Monster was loved for everything, from his entrance to his ring gears and prime-time strength. Kane is and will always be the most dominant wrestler in WWE history.

He has been a favorite of fans for years. He has lost many matches because he was the heel throughout his career. He holds the record of wrestling the most matches in history. Kane lost 1221 matches during his career.


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