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WWE Hall of Famer Slams Brock Lesnar for his Decision Leading to his Loss at WrestleMania 20 Against Goldberg

Goldberg can bring back a lot memories and joy to WWE fans. It is impossible to ignore his contribution to WWE and WCW. Goldberg is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in history. Brock Lesnar and the WWE Hall of Famer have a long history. The Beast Incarnate, one of Lesnar’s toughest early opponents.

Kurt Angle, WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE Superstar, revealed some interesting facts about Brock Lesnar. Angle said that Lesnar was stupid and caused him to lose to Goldberg in Wrestlemania 20, due to his stupidity. The Olympic gold-medalist recalled an incident in which The Beast Incarnate tried to leave WWE and join the NFL.

Kurtangle suggested Lesnar communicate his intentions only after WrestleMania. This would be a much better idea. The former Universal Champion did not listen to him, and instead told Mr McMahon that. Angle believes Lesnar made a stupid decision that led to his loss against at that time.

The WWE Hall of Famer also said that Brock’s Wrestlemania 20 outcome could have been changed if he had listened. Lesner, however, returned to WWE in 2012. He has since become one of the company’s most dominant wrestlers. Goldberg made his own comeback in 2017. Both Goldberg and the other player faced off against each other in a fierce rivalry during Survivor Series.

The storyline of their match at Wrestlemania 20, was one of the most memorable in WWE history. The match was a classic with Stone Cold Steve Austin serving as guest referee. Both wrestlers did their best, no matter what the outcome was. Goldberg and Lesnar have cemented their legacy in the wrestling industry.

Cody Rhodes & Brock Lesnar are able to wrestle another match

Cody Rhodes fought Brock Lesnar two times after WrestleMania. Rhodes talked about his loss to Brock Lesnar in Night of Champions on this week’s Raw. The American Nightmare collapsed after Lesnar trapped him in a Kimura lock. Cody Rhodes called Lesnar out again on the most recent episode of Raw.

He challenged the Beast Incarnate for another rematch. The WWE Universe loves the storyline between Lesnar & Rhodes. WWE decided to continue the storyline. Fans may be able to witness an epic fight between the two superstars during Money in the Bank.

Brock Lesnar is yet to accept Cody’s challenge. There have also been rumors that they could wrestle each other at SummerSlam in this year. It will be fascinating to see the two superstars again face off in the ring.


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