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WWE Wrestling Successors who Failed Heavily

WWE is focused on creating characters that have a long-term outlook. Characters are considered successful when they can generate the desired image in the mind of fans. A successful character is a great asset to a wrestler’s career and the WWE. WWE also promotes Wrestling Successors to characters that are already well-established.

5. Sin Cara (Rey Mysterio)

Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez, a Mexican-American wrestler played the character of Sin Cara. Fans had high hopes for this superstar when he made his debut in 2011. He would jump over the ropes and run over them to make his entrance. He had a Sin Cara match against. Sin Cara match against Hunico. The character’s status was soon downgraded due to mishaps during matches and reports of bad behavior backstage.

4. Chuck Palumbo, The Undertaker

Charles Palumbo, aka Chuck Palumbo, joined the WWF as part of the alliance in 2001. He left the company back in 2004. In 2006, he returned. Michelle McCool was his girlfriend during his second run. His motorcycle ride was the most memorable part of his run, as it was similar to The Undertaker. He resembled The American Badass in appearance, but not in personality.

3. Lex Luger (Hulk Hogan),

Lex Luger, a former WCW star, debuted with the WWF as ‘The Narcissus’ in 1993 alongside Bobby Heenan. He was portrayed as a bodybuilder-turned-wrestler. He was assigned the role of an all-American character soon after Hogan left WWE. He even slammed a Yokozuna who weighed 600 pounds, just like Hogan did to Andre the Giant. However, he was not able connect with fans. He left WWF in 1995 for WCW, and never returned.

2. Slam Master J (John Cena),

Ray Jeezy made his debut on the SmackDown episode June 26th, 2009. He was soon transformed into Slam Master J. He would dress up as a thug and rap before entering the ring. Fans thought he was a dull version of JohnCena’s Thuganomics persona. He didn’t know how to rap. He was soon released in 2010.

1. The Ascension: Road Warriors

The Ascension, a team consisting of Konnor Victor and their teammates, made its debut on the main roster as The Ascension in 2014. They covered their faces in red paint and dressed like Road Warriors. They were both great in the ring and had a great working relationship. Fans had seen several versions of this legendary tag team and were not ready for another. The show didn’t receive much attention from the audience and was released by the company in 2019.


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